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Kaolinite Powder natural, 150g

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Kaolinite Powder natural, 150g

Quick Overview

Kaolinite - the clay mineral with natural silicon. A waste product biocatalyst that can bind up to 300-times its own weight. Kaolinite combines the natural ability to bind waste products with the natural qualities of silica and the restorative powers of silicon. Quality from Germany. Contents: 150g natural kaolinite powder, tested for pollutants.


Kaolinite - the natural clay mineral with natural silicon
EnergyBalance kaolinite is a natural combination of kaolinite and silica. A waste product biocatalyst that can bind up to 300-times its own weight. Kaolinite is a mineral produced when feldspar weathers. The mineral gets its name from the Kao-Ling mountain in southern China, where it was first mined. There are larger deposits in Upper Palatinate in Germany where kaolinite has been mined for more than 100 years. In addition to its use in manufacturing porcelain, kaolinite is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.  

Silica comes from genuine silica, terra silicea, which is found in fossil diatom algae.  What is important for the body is not the silica itself but the silicic acid it contains. Silicon is a key component of this acid. Silicon is a trace mineral that is important to certain bodily processes but which the human organism is not capable of producing itself. That is why we need to supply our bodies with enough silicon through our diet. 

Genuine silica, which comes from fossil diatom algae, it used to treat brittle nails and hair as well as to strengthen connective tissue. Silica can either be used as an immediate treatment or as an intensive treatment over a longer period of time. If silica is intended for external use for things like small scrapes or wounds, it generally comes in the form of a salve or cream. 

Botanists discovered silicon in the 19th century
when researching paper-thin plants like horsetail, which exhibit incredible stability in their support function and structure. These plants are also very hardy. Silicon in a key element in this structure and the more silicon a plant has, the more stable and healthy it is. Looking at the human body, the need for stable and elastic elements is very high. Our entire blood vessel system, which totals at around 100,000 kilometers (including capillaries), is comprised of an elastic, stable structure. All of our connective tissue, skin, tendons, ligaments and cartilage need to be able to meet these requirements on elasticity and stability at all times.

Two other familiar areas where silica is used are treating acne and hair loss. Around 80 percent of young people and around 10 percent of people over the age of 40 suffer from acne, with the condition affecting men more frequently than women. Acne has many causes, from stress or pregnancy to taking certain medications and poor nutrition. The silicon contained in silica not only helps clear up acne, it also clears up the skin, getting rid of pimples and redness. The same goes for hair problems. Silicon strengthens the hair internally because the trace element encourages the formation of collagen. Silica also effects the connective tissue because silicon is able to bind up to 300-times its weight in water. That supplies the hair with moisture and nutrients.

In 1878 the famous French chemist and bacteriologist, Louis Pasteur, predicted the important role that silicon would play the health sector. A man named Dr. Becker, a German chemist, recognized Pasteur's core theory on silicon and became the first person to develop therapeutic silicon. Dr. Becker worked for pharmaceutical giant, IG Farben. Dr. Becker began his research on silicon shortly after World War II, reading all available literature he could find on silicon. Dr. Becker was fascinated by the qualities attributed to silicon and decided to develop therapeutic silicon. He discovered that a more watery form of the silicic acid oxygen compound was best suited to his purposes. And so, step by step, he created a product that became know worldwide as silicea. Dr. Becker, even though he was trained in pharmaceutics and prescription-based medicine, developed his silicon primarily as a dietary supplement and remedy for therapeutic self-treatment and natural healthcare, both internal and external.

Kaolinite combines the natural ability to bind waste products (300 times) with the natural qualities of silica and the restorative powers of silicon. 

Natural kaolinite silica, tested for pollutants, quality made in Germany.

Add one heaping teaspoon to 1.5 - 2 dl of water, tea or juice three times a day, stir and drink on an empty stomach.

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