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Save:Strol CYPIBI Immune Support, 90 VegeCaps

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Save:Strol CYPIBI Immune Support, 90 VegeCaps

Quick Overview

NEW: from now with more bio-activated Salve:Strol ™ Hydro & Lipo points.
Formulated by Dr. Jens Wurster. EnergyBalance® Save:Strol™ is a natural highly-dosed and especially bio-activated fruit and plant complex with exceptionally high content of phytoalexins. Studies show that the enzyme CYP1B1 can be found in malignant cells and cannot be found in healthy cells. The especially bio-activated phytoalexins of Save:Strol™ arrive in all the body cells and when they meet the enzyme CYP1B1 in malignant cell, a specific metabolite is formed, which triggers a selective self-destruction of the malignant cell called apoptosis.
Also in healthy people every day, there are formed malignant or degenerated cells in the body which must be neutralized by the immune system. Therefore it is important to take every day sufficient antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanins and phytoalexins. These are all contained in Save:Strol™ and additionally are activated by beta-glucans to stimulate the immune defence.
Each capsule Save:Strol™ has 2671 bio-activated Save:Strol ™ Hydro and Lipoic Points. Save:Strol™ was developed by EnergyBalance® in cooperation with Dr. Jens Wurster who has, based on his many years of experience, carefully formulated the recipe.
Contents: 90 VegeCaps each 536mg.


Save:Strol CYPIBI™ - the revolution of Salvestrol™?
There are interesting case studies with Salvestrol™ and CYP1B1. It is about the ongoing development of phytoalexins (Salvestrol™) and to use them more targeted: however in the case studies was not used the definition of phytoalexins, but the trademark Salvestrol™. Salvestrol™ was launched by prof. Dan Burke in Leicester GB in collaboration with Nature's Defence Research Ltd., Leicester GB and put on the market. The first registration of the trademark Salvestrol™ was done by Defence Research Ltd. 2004 in the UK and the US and afterwards in other countries. Dr. Brian Schaefer – also author of studies about phytoalexins - is one of the directors of Acquired Intelligence Inc, the Canadian and US distributor of Salvestrol™. In the same way professor Gerry Potter, Dr. Robbie Wood and professor Dan Burke are shareholders of Salvestrol Natural Products, the developer of Salvestrol™ technology in the UK. Since Salvestrol™ is a registered trademark, Energy Balance SA and Dr. Jens Wurster agreed to give a new name for phytoalexins: Save:Strol CYPIBI™, which allows a more progressive development with the intention to improve and bring more value and benefits for the customer.

Phytoalexins – the natural plant cell protection
Phytoalexins (Pterostilbene, Stilbene) are natural plant defense compounds that protect the plant against fungi, viruses, bacteria, UV light and insects. The plant forms these defense substances at the point of need, when it gets attacked. Today's conventionally grown vegetables, fruits and crops are sprayed with fungicides and other pesticides, which lowers the content of phytoalexins (Pterostilbene) in the plants. Read more phytoalexins in Wikipedia.

In some cases free radicals are able to escape from the reaction with an enzyme or an antioxidant. The am British scientists have discovered, that under certain conditions healthy cells, which react with free radicals do mutate to produce the CYP1B1 enzyme and this enzyme then reacts with phytoalexins. Because of this reaction in the mutant cell a metabolite is formed. This metabolite ensures that the normal process of apoptosis can be induced in the mutant cell. Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death, which starts after the cells do not bring benefits anymore.

In this way phytoalexins help in situations, where antioxidants have not done their job and in this way help to protect healthy cells and tissues. Nature seems to have considered this and has prepared itself for this case. Humans have probably taken phytoalexins for millennia from fruits, vegetables and berries, which have ensure the health of all cells and proper immune system. Due to various innovations in agriculture and in the food industry, it is advisable to give your body phytoalexins through food or a dietary supplement.

NEW: Bio-activated phytoalexins in Save:Strol CYPIBI™
Dr. Jens Wurster strives to maximize the positive impact of phytoalexins and has therefore added to the formula of Save:Strol CYPIBI ™ a special bio activator in the form of a Beta-glucans, GMO-free manufactured in Germany. According to scientific studies beta-1,3 / 1,6-glucans are of the most effective natural immune modulators, by stimulating the activity of macrophages. Beta-glucans from the cell walls of baker's yeast are most thoroughly scientifically studied and seem to have the highest efficacy. Macrophages belong to the cells of the immune system and used to eliminate microorganisms by phagocytosis and represent phylogenetic (phylogenetic) the probably oldest parts of the innate immune system.

Oleuropein - the natural defense against fungi and diseases
Olive trees are highly resistant to fungus and to diseases that can be caused by bacteria. Therefore, olive trees live up to 1,000 years or even more. This high and healthy age is possible because the tree bears a natural defense system in itself, which protects it from such attacks. This "protective" properties of the substance "oleuropein" naturally contained in olive leaf are attributed, which as polyphenol has strong antimicrobial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. Oleuropein belongs to the group of polyphenols (important phytamins or plant extracts) and is contained in the olive fruit, the roots and especially in the olive leaf. It is no coincidence that the oleuropein is most stored in the leaves, because they remain more than 5 years on the tree and practice during this time of vital functions without which the tree could not survive.

Take 1 capsule 2 times with a meal; in case of elevated need 2 capsules 3 times.

Organic certified acerola Malpighia emarginata extract *BR, Citrus sinensis extract *ES, Aronia melanocarpa extract *IT, Vaccinium myrtillus extract *IT, Olea europaea folium *AL, Saccharomyces cerevisae Yestimun® *DE, cellulose (VegeCaps). *Country of origin.


60g = 90 VegeCaps of 536mg each.

Other interesting information in german language:
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Internet site of Dr. Jens Wurster

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