Planning for the future is planning for the environment - and planning for the environment is consciousness raising

EB EcoThat is why we see it as our responsibility, wherever the environment is concerned, to bring our processes and our products in agreement and in harmony with the environment and it's protection. To turn these noble words into deeds, we have set ourselves the following rules:

  • All our empty capsules are produced according to the Faitrade Standard "Fair TSA
  • Raw materials that are organically grown without pesticides
  • Use of recycled paper for products and documents
  • Conveying of plastic-free products
  • Climate-neutral shipping for all packages. Download EnergyBalance SA Pro Clima certificate as PDF here>
  • Empty toner cartridges are recycled and re-used
  • Package-filling material is to be made of compostable corn
  • As little secondary packaging as possible
  • We will fulfill all environmental requirements prescribed by law
  • Suppliers will be chosen according to fair-trade and environmental standards