About us

EnergyBalance is a manufacturer of food supplements and health products. You as a consumer, therapist, naturopath, doctor etc. are served directly by mail order through our own branch(s) in the individual countries of Europe.

EnergyBalance Inc.
EB videoOur small team of founders, with experience in the health- and natural food trades and business administration provides the broad spectrum of basic knowledge behind EnergyBalance. That knowledge base has been expanded on a per-project basis with the help of external experts and is constantly being brought up to date. Products of such quality and with characteristics that had never before existed were developed.  Which has already enabled us to register numerous brands and patents, all of which are pending.

What does EnergyBalance offer you?
EnergyBalance produces nutritional supplements and health products. Our branch offices in countries throughout Europe enable us to serve you as a consumer, therapist, naturopath, physician etc. directly via mail order.
In the nutritional supplement sector, we offer products featuring essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are: minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino- and fatty acids (the building blocks of proteins).
These can be taken every day to supplement the daily diets of the young and the young at heart. Thereby fortifying health, strengthening the immune system, and preventing many diseases associated with old age. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
That is also why we provide fast and cost-effective distribution of our products to suppliers of reform houses, drug stores and pharmacies.

Why does EnergyBalance sell essential nutrients?
The quality of nutrition in Europe has slowly but surely gotten worse in the last few decades. Degenerative production methods and nutritional habits have caused the number of people suffering from civilization diseases to increase. The direct result of which is suffering and the high costs associated with treatment and rehabilitation.

An optimization of nutrition would be desirable, but in spite of the knowledge and foods available, such an optimization - has not or, as such, has hardly been achieved. Human inertia and the desire for comfort - also called convenience - favor compromises.
The most important nutrients, such as: Sufficient amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are consumed. The industrial processing of foodstuffs, however, often leads to deficiencies of essential minerals, vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids.
For many bodies, it would be better to receive these nutrients in the form of nutritional supplements, than it would to have to do entirely without them.

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The 7 Basic Rules of EnergyBalance

1. First comes the Health and Needs of the Customer

2. Maximum Health Benefits
Maximum Health Benefits. The products have the highest bioavailabe raw materials, each one scientific verified and proven to have the best absorption, to enable the customer to targeted and resolve health problems easy and fast. EnergyBalance® guarantees the best effectiveness of the products and treatment. Naturally without side effects.

3. Premium Quality and Safety of the products
Only the best raw materials from Europe, America and Oceania: GMO-free, Toxic-free, Pollution-free, ecological, sustainable, plant‐based, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. When raw materials are available in certified organic quality, the organic quality is preferred and used. All raw materials are laboratory tested. Extracts must be as natural as possible. Extraction methods using dangerous chemical solvents are not used, to avoid the risk of chemical residues and toxicity. EnergyBalance® avoids animal raw materials and products with animal testing.

4. Hypoallergenic Quality made in Switzerland non-GMO
EnergyBalance® products are GMO-free and produced with gentle production processes in Switzerland. Excipients are not used. When the production cannot be made without excipients, only natural substances are used, that can give the product extra value. EnergyBalance® products therefore contain only active ingredients and no artificial carriers, flavours, colours or other excipients. Hypoallergenic quality made for the needs of very sensitive people. EnergyBalance® respects the customers special requirements: Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Halal and Kosher.

5. Absolutely safe in use
In Europe products of EnergyBalance® are declared in the 3 languages German DE, English EN and Italian IT, to make the dosage and use easy to understand and safe. The declarations comply with the legal requirements of Switzerland and the EU. All ingredients are declared, there are no hidden or undeclared substances. The local language and laws of each region or country are respected and the labels will be made accordingly to guarantee a save use.

6. Fair Price
EnergyBalance® always offers their customers highest quality products at a fair price. The health of each individual is most important. The side‐effect free natural advantages of intelligent and plant‐based products should be made available to as many people as possible.

7. Social Responsibility and Ecological Rsponsibility
EnergyBalance® is aware of the worldwide unbalanced chances for children’s getting proper nourishment to grow up healthy. Therefore EnergyBalance® takes social responsibility by supporting organisations and projects for children in dis‐advanced areas of this world.
EnergyBalance® supports the organization "Vitamin Angels",which is committed to reduce child mortality by improving worldwide availability, access and use of essential micronutrients, especially vitamin A. Essential nutrients help infants and children under five years strengthen the immune system and thus successfully infectious diseases, so that the children can live a healthy and productive life.
EnergyBalance® protects the environment with biodegradable fillers made of corn and recyclable paper. In addition, all orders are sent CO2-free. The consumed pressure toners of EnergyBalance® are recycled and the recovered proceeds benefit the Red Cross.