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Rhodiola Plus (Golden Root) Q10 230mg, 150 VegeCaps

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Rhodiola Plus (Golden Root) Q10 230mg, 150 VegeCaps

Quick Overview

Another no. 1 product by EnergyBalance™. Rhodiola Plus Q10 contains 200mg rhodiola rosea golden root extract with 3% rosavin and 3% salidroside Country of origin: Russia. Plus 30mg natural coenzyme Q10. 83% of people between the ages of 14 - 65 suffer from stress. Every fourth person experiences stress often, every tenth person is under constant stress and every second person experiences stress occasionally. Only 17 % of those surveyed said that they never felt stressed. Stress can lead to serious health problems and should not be underestimated.
Content: 58g = 150 VegeCaps at 230mg each.


Anti-stress: Increase performance by up to 20%

One package lasts around 53 - 180 days.

Golden root grows in moist areas throughout the entire Fjellregion and into the upper alpine regions at altitudes of around 2,280 meters; golden root grows in mountain ravines, on damp cliff overhangs and in wet meadows and bogs. It can also be found growing in the dry, sandy soil of higher mountain areas in Europe and Asia's arctic regions. Also found in northern Europe, northern Asia and northern North America.


GlutenfreeRhodiola rosea is also called golden root in Siberia (Золотой Корень, solotoy koren) because the root extract is thought to increase memory, concentration and the ability to learn. It is an adaptogenic natural plant and is being increasingly used medicinally worldwide both as a tea and as an extract. Several independent, placebo-controlled studies have ascertained the effectiveness of its use in treating depression and anxiety disorders.

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Name Rhodiola Plus (Golden Root) Q10 230mg, 150 VegeCaps
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