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Q10 HighAbsorption Coenzyme 30mg, 90 VegeCaps

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Q10 HighAbsorption Coenzyme 30mg, 90 VegeCaps

Quick Overview

Our high-quality coenzyme Q10 comes from a natural fermentation process and was not manufactured synthetically. The body starts producing less coenzyme Q10 once we reach the age of 35. Q10 is important to cell energy metabolism. It also fights free radicals as a strong antioxidant.
Contents: 2,7g = 90 VegeCaps each containing 30mg.


The body is constantly exposed to different free-radical and oxidation hazards. Antioxidants protect the organism from oxidation and free radicals.

Research has shown that this coenzyme Q10 has excellent protective qualities, is a product of natural fermentation, comes in its natural all-trans configuration and does not contain any artificial CIS isomers.

During the natural yeast fermentation process, Q10 is produced with "good" trans configuration, which means it is identical to the naturally occurring coenzyme Q10 that you find in meat, fish and other foodstuffs. The safety and high quality of yeast fermentation has been proven in several safety studies conducted by one of the leading experimental laboratories worldwide.

The antioxidants in this coenzyme Q10 are natural and can be effectively absorbed by the body. There are no other synthetic or artificial antioxidants that are as naturally bioavailable as natural antioxidants.

Most coenzyme Q10 products on the market are manufactured synthetically and contain artificial CIS isomers. The safety and long-term effects of artificial CIS isomers have not yet been proven in long-term studies.

Recommended consumption
Children over 7, teenagers and adults take 1 capsule a day with or before food.

90 VegeCaps each containing 30mg Q10.

Additional Information

Dosage form VegeCaps
Manufacturer EnergyBalance
Organic No
Name Q10 HighAbsorption Coenzyme 30mg, 90 VegeCaps
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