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Ovega7 sea buckthorn oil 500mg, 60 Soft VegeCaps

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Ovega7 sea buckthorn oil 500mg, 60 Soft VegeCaps

Quick Overview

NEW: The high-grade sea buckthorn oil provides your body daily with essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids, natural vitamin E, antioxidant Tocopherol and valuable carotenoids. The red golden oil of the fruit’s pips and pulp is rich in natural vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic, linolenic and palmitic acid, which belong to our energy cell components. The small berries belong to the very few vegetarian sources of vitamin B12. The sea buckthorn oil and the capsule are vegan and guaranteed non-toxic.
Contents: 60 Soft VegeCaps each 500mg, where 160mg are palmetic acid.


Small berries with maximum immunepower
As a natural source of vitamin C, sea buckthorn strengthens our immune defense. The small bright orange berries provide an extraordinary great potential of vitamin C, which even surpasses the amount of citrus fruits and furthermore is easier to digest. The rather inconspicuous fruits also provide a real ‘power pack’ with a high amount of the very rare combination of vitamin A, C and E, as well as bioflavonoids, phytosterols, minerals and trace elements. The high concentrated vitamin C supports essential functions of the B-vitamins, all of them influencing metabolic processes of carbohydrates, proteins and generation of energy, and is essential for the skin structure and its natural function, the nervous system and blood formation. The synergetic interaction of all biologically active components in Ovega-7 sea buckthorn oil has antioxidative and immune-strengthening effects.

High concentrated oil feeds body & soul
In Europe, sea buckthorn oil is less well-known than the juice or foods of juice and berries. In Tibet, the oils’ positive properties are medically used for more than 1.200 years – internal as well as external. The pulp’s bright orange-red color refers to its high amount of carotenoids. The pulp also provides a very high amount of vitamin E, accordingly being supported in its antioxidative properties by the high amount of vitamin C. Saturated palmitic acid and polyunsaturated linoleic and linolenic acid are further essential components in the small berries’ pulp. Like a dynamically protective film the bioactive oil spread throughout the body and unfolds its full stored energy – bioavailable and gently.

Omega-7, vitamin E. provitamin A PLUS carotenoids
The fruit’s oil provides the highest amount of palmetic acid (35%). As a natural component of our skin, this omega-7 fatty acid is particularly well absorbed by the body. Although our body is able to synthesize omega-7 acids itself and they are available in all animal tissues, they are of high importance for our health. Latest studies have shown that primarily palmetic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to a healthy cholesterol level. The combination of vitamin E, provitamin A and carotenoids in the sea buckthorn neutralizes free radicals and provides skin protection from sun, wind and dehydration.

Linoleic acid – omega-6 for vital smoothness
The weak red sea buckthorn’s pip oil is obtained by gentle pressing. It’s particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids, like linoleic and linolenic acid. Linoleic acid is part of ceramide-L, which is the most important barrier substance of the horny layer and also is crucial for regulating the skins moisture and therefore is significant for the maintenance of a healthy skin regulation. Ceramide-L deficiency leads to malfunctions of the epidermal barrier and related atopic skin irritation like neurodermatitis.

Vegetable Mini-Caps with maximum antioxidative immunepower
The valuable oil of the antioxidative ‘immunepower-fruits’ is obtained by centrifugation without any thermal treatment or solvents to maintain the high bioavailability of the oils’ highly concentrated, bioactive substances. Caused by the encapsulation, the valuable oil is largely protected from oxidation. Taking the VegeCaps is much easier than taking the native oil in its pure form, especially the Ovega-7 VegeCaps are particularly small. The vegetable capsules consist of modified potato starch and are free of gelatine.

1 capsule with a meal, in case of elevated need distribute 3 capsules on the meals.

Hippophae rhamnoides fruit oil extract. Soft VegeCaps: water, modified corn starch, glycerin, carrageenan, sorbitol, caramel and beta-carotene.

47g = 6
0 Soft VegeCaps each 500mg (each 160mg Omega-7 palmitoleic acid).

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