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L-Arginine Base amino acid in free form, 210 VegeCaps

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NEW: High doses of Energy Balance L-Arginine Base in its free state with recognisably improved effects. L-Arginine Base is made in Germany using pure vegetable fermentation and completely GMO-free. Labelling GMO foods is not mandatory in Asia and the America, which means that highly genetically-modified enzymes are used during the production process.  Energy Balance L-Arginine Base is a semi-essential amino acid and is not to be confused with the acid L-Arginine HCL. L-Arginine Base has a stimulating effect on collagen synthesis, the immune system, and it also promotes the formation of white blood cells.
Contents: 210 Vegecaps, 600mg L-Arginine Base.


EnergyBalance L-Arginin Base
L-Arginine is also commonly known as arginine. Only laevorotatory L-shapes are considered to be semi-essential amino acids. Humans can synthesise L-Arginine within the urea cycle. Children and young people above all have an increased need for L-Arginine, given that their endogenous synthesis is low. Therefore Energy Balance L-Arginine Base is essential for children and adolescents. Adults too can often fail to get as much L-Arginine as they need. The need for L-Arginine especially increases with regard to recovering from stress and various diseases, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, vascular disease, or accidents.

The L-Arginine contained in or absorbed by the body produces increased nitric oxide. Compared to other proteinogenic amino acids, L-Arginine contains the highest proportion of nitrogen. Nitric oxide present in the body, although only in small amounts, has a positive effect on blood flow, fights harmful microorganisms, and suppresses harmful cell growth. In addition, nitric oxide helps to distribute nutrients in muscle tissue, and prevents arteriosclerosis.

L-Arginine belongs to the group of basic amino acids.  These amino acids are part of a basic group that are always protonated in the neutral range, meaning that they are positively charged. L-Arginine Base is readily soluble in water and reacts by binding protons in an alkaline and thus basic manner.

Just like glutamine, L-Arginine is required for cell growth. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and has a positive influence on wound healing, e.g. after burns.

L-Arginine is produced in the urea cycle from carbamoyl, and L-Ornithine and L-Aspartate and serves to detoxify the body of ammonia. It also serves as a nitrogen reservoir for embryos and memory cells.

L-Arginine is the proteinogenic amino acid with the highest mass fraction of nitrogen, and therefore acts as an intermediary in the urea cycle as the starting material of the biosynthesis of nitric oxide.

The intake of L-Arginine causes insulin and increased glucagon to be released into the pancreas, resulting in a better metabolism of free-circulating and stored sugars. This process ensures optimum energy release.

L-Arginine stimulates the immune system and improves its responses: An increased concentration of L-Arginine increases the activity of lymphocytes and killer cells, which helps to strengthen the immune system. By contrast, a L-Arginine deficiency leads to reduced production of white blood cells, and a weaker protein synthesis of lymphocytes.

L-Arginine is a precursor molecule of NO (nitric oxide). NO has an influence on DNA synthesis by inhibiting the enzyme Ribonucleotidreductase and can therefore prevent the replication of DNA viruses in the cells.

L-Arginine improves blood flow during exercise. This means that muscles can be better supplied with energy and amino acids.

Erectile dysfunction in men can be due to a number of causes. The most common cause is circulatory disorders in fine vessels. L-Arginine Base supports the process of vasodilatation.

L-Arginine plays an important role in fertility. The polyamines spermine and spermidine are important building blocks of male spermatozoa. They consist largely of L-Arginine.

Energy Balance L-Arginine base compared to L-Arginine hydrochloride HCL
The difference is clearly evident in terms of purity and pH:

  • Energy Balance L-Arginine base has a higher degree of purity than L-Arginine hydrochloride. L-Arginine hydrochloride HCL has less of an odour and taste, and is also more water-soluble than Energy Balance L-Arginine Base. L-Arginine hydrochloride HCL consists of just 75%-83% L-Arginine. Energy Balance L-Arginine Base by contrast dissolves more slowly in water, but is 100% pure L-Arginine.
  • L-Arginine base has a pH of 10.5 ~ 12. This is beneficial for the body. L-Arginine hydrochloride HCL has a pH of 4.7 ~ 6.2. This is in the acidic range, and is not ideal for your body.

3-7 capsules with a meal per day.

Pure 100% L-Arginin base FFC free form. Origin: Germany.

Contents:  210 VegeCaps each 600mg L-Arginin Base.

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