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L-Carnosine 500mg, 60 VegeCaps

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L-Carnosine 500mg, 60 VegeCaps

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Our L-carnosine (beta-alanyl-L-histidine) is top quality with 99.5% L-carsonine content and is an essential antioxidant. L-carnosine is a dipeptide made up of the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine. Higher concentrations are found in the heart muscle and brain, two organs that have to work constantly. A vegetarian lifestyle can cause L-carnosine deficiency. L-carnosine supports functions that are important to cell health by limiting oxidation and glycosylation. As we age, we start to experience glycation, a process in which glucose, fructose and galactose react with the body's own proteins in an uncontrolled way without participation of enzymes. Carnosine counteracts the glycation process. L-Carnosine has typical antioxidant, antiglycation and metal-binding qualities. These qualities are evidence that L-carnosine can be an effective dietary supplement for people.
Contents: 60 VegeCaps each containing 500mg = 36g L-carnosine.


L-carnosine with antioxidant, antiglycation and metal-binding qualities 

L-carnosine is a super antioxidant that liquidates even the most destructive free radicals: hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals, superoxide and single-atom oxygen. L-carnosine helps break down metal ions. 

60 VegeCaps each containing 500mg = 36g L-carnosine

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