A study* conducted by FHM Bielefeld examined various factors relating to individualized micronutrient intake in executives and top athletes. Among other things, it found that an optimized dietary supplementation of galactose can lead to improved performance, energy metabolism and regeneration.

Various processes in the body are activated by galactose. Galactose really gets the biogenesis of the mitochondria going. What does this mean? Biogenesis describes the development of a new structure and the mitochondria could be described as small power plants in the body, or the cells. They produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), this is a chemical molecule that provides energy in every cell of a living being. This energy is used to enable all work processes such as locomotion or transport of substances. It serves the body as an energy carrier and is needed throughout the body and in the brain.

In addition to energy production, the mitochondria perform another important task, such as supplying substances needed to build amino acids, one of the basic building blocks of proteins.

The insulin-independent monosaccharide D+ also improves the capacity of glycogen stores in the body. These stores are located in the liver and mucosa and regulate blood glucose levels.

So you see, galactose is a true super-sugar that stimulates many important processes in the body and is also known as intelligent sugar. In short, galactose takes care of the energy supply in the body and is also suitable for diabetics.