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ACEROLA Sugarfree only natural Vitamin C 60mg, 180 Chewable

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ACEROLA Sugarfree only natural Vitamin C 60mg, 180 Chewable

  • Vitamin C contributes to maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels.
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Quick Overview

ACEROLA Sugarfree chewable tablets with the essential antioxidant, vitamin C. With a great flavor, suitable for children, too. It only contains vitamin C naturally found in acerola fruit powder extract. NO artificial vitamin C. Our products give you more for your money> see the price comparison! Better than normal vitamin C. Tasty ACEROLA Sugarfree chewable tablets each containing 60mg natural vitamin C from acerola fruit.
Contents: 180 chewable tablets each containing 60mg of natural vitamin C = 10,8 g natural acerola vitamin C


Neutralizes free radicals, boosts the immune system. Essential, needs to be provided to the body through the food you eat.

Acerola test: Our products give you more for your money. Here's the price comparison:

Supplier Product No. of Tab. Vitamin C
per tablet

Vitamin C total


Price per g of vitamin C

Acerola Bio Plus 180 60mg 10,8g CHF 34.90
CHF 3.23
EnergyBalance Acerola Sugarfree 180 60mg 10,8g CHF 24.90 CHF 2.31
Acerola Tabl. 60 30mg 1,8g CHF 4.79
CHF 2.66
Bioeva Acerola Tabl. 60 100mg 6g CHF 16.05 CHF 2.67
Dr. Dünner Acerola Tabl. 80 60mg 4,8g CHF 16.50 CHF 3.44
Bioforce Vitamin C 40 100mg 4g CHF 16.80
CHF 4.20
Akropharma Acerola Tabl. 30 120mg 3,6g CHF 28.50 CHF 7.90

Prices from April 2016

Black list: In addition to containing acerola, these products also contain synthetic (artificial) vitamin C
Acerola extracts can only contain a maximum of 17% natural vitamin C. If vitamin C content is higher than 17%, the extract was stretched or standardized using artificial/synthetic vitamin C. Customers don't know how much of the vitamin C contained in a product with 20% is natural. The body has a hard time absorbing artificial vitamin C, which means it is not very effective!

Manufacturer Product Artificial vitamin C Acerola extract Vitamin C Vitamin C in %
morga.ch Biorex Ingredients:...vitamin C,...
 ? 80mg ? CHF 31.00
Dr. Vogel Bioforce 1 tablet contains 480mg dry-pressed juice from acerola cherries, standardized to at least 100mg of vitamin C  480mg 100mg 20,8% CHF 16.80
Burgerstein BURGERSTEIN Acerola C Drink 200g Pulver Powder containing vitamin C (not labeled as "natural")
1 pinch, 250mg not including. carbohydrates 100mg = 150mg of extract
60mg 40% CHF 39.00
Salus Vital C-300 Depot Acerola-Tabletten Contents:...sodium ascorbate,...
? 300mg ? EUR 8,35
kraeuterhaus.de Sanct Bernhard Acerola Kapseln Ingredients:...vitamin C,... 400mg 100mg 25% EUR 9,71
ZeinPharma Acerola Tabletten Ingredients:...vitamin C,... 500mg 125mg 25% EUR 9,49

Other vitamin C products contain artificial ascorbic acid
Most vitamin C products are made from artificial (synthetic) ascorbic acid. The ascorbic acid in these products is isolated, i.e., not surrounded by nutritional elements and without nutritive value. The body has a hard time processing isolated ascorbic acid, even when it is taken in doses over time, which means it has almost no effect at all. What's more, high doses can even be harmful.
Nutritive vitamin C, like the vitamin C contained in this product, is surrounded by proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and plant substances and is tied to these substances, making it easy for the body to process and enabling full effectiveness.

Caution! Not all acerola products only contain natural vitamin C
Acerola powder contains a maximum of 17% natural vitamin C. The product by ZeinPharma contains 500mg of acerola powder per tablet, which means that it can only contain 17% or 85mg of natural vitamin C.
The product by ZeinPharma contains 500mg of acerola powder per tablet, which means that it can only contain 17% or 85mg of natural vitamin C. However, the product contains 125mg of vitamin C. In other words, it is possible that this product only contains 5mg of natural vitamin C and 120mg of artificial vitamin C.
There are a number of acerola products on the market, but most of them contain (synthetic) artificial ascorbic acid, which is hard for the body to process, in addition to acerola. That's why you should always pay attention to the amount of natural vitamin C a product claims to contain, e.g., whether each tablet contains 80mg natural vitamin C. Unfortunately, the labels of many products are misleading, giving customers the impression that they only contain vitamin C from acerola fruit powder. If an acerola product is not labeled as containing ""natural"" vitamin C, it most likely contains artificial ascorbic acid and is not of the same quality as our product.

Acerola contains a lot of natural vitamin C
This product contains natural fruit powder from acerola cherries with 17% natural vitamin C. An acerola cherry provides 30-times as much vitamin C as a lemon. Acerola cherries, which are native to the tropics, are second only to camu camu when it comes to natural vitamin C content. Unlike ascorbic acid, acerola vitamin C also contains other natural plant substances. These additional antioxidants, otherwise known as phytochemicals, increase the effectiveness of the vitamin C contained in acerola cherries.
Our chewable tablets with organic cane sugar taste good and are easy to chew or let dissolve in your mouth. And kids love them! Each chewable tablet contains 80mg of natural vitamin C in acerola cherry fruit powder

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant and cannot be produced by the human body. Your body gets the vitamin C it needs from the food you eat. Vitamin C helps maintain healthy bones, teeth, gums and blood vessels and it helps the body absorb the trace element iron. As an antioxidant, vitamin C can neutralize harmful free radicals.

Our product only contains natural vitamin C and its bioavailability is considerably better than vitamin C from isolated ascorbic acid.

A dosage of Acerola Sugarfree 108g contains 10.8g natural vitamin C
60 mg natural vitamin C costs CHF 0.14 / EUR 0.11
100 mg natural vitamin C costs CHF 0.23 / EUR 0.18
1000 mg = 1 g natural vitamin C costs CHF 2.31 / EUR 1.84

Adults, teenagers and small children: chew or let 1 to 3 tablets dissolve in the mouth a day.

Acerola fruit powder extract with 17% natural vitamin C, sweetener: isomalt, natural raspberry flavor, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicium dioxide.

108g is the equivalent of 180 tablets each containing 60mg of natural vitamin C

Additional Information

Dosage form Chewable
Manufacturer EnergyBalance
Organic No
Name ACEROLA Sugarfree only natural Vitamin C 60mg, 180 Chewable
Weight 0.1850
Price Fr.24.90

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