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4 Seasons Immune 645mg, 60 VegeCaps

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4 Seasons Immune 645mg, 60 VegeCaps

  • Vitamin C contributes to maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels.
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Quick Overview

Daily support for Your immune system, indispensable with essential vitamin C, for whole year around. Organic acerola exctract with 17% natural vitamin C strengthens the immune system, acai, astaxanthin and tocotrienole. This potent mixture of natural fruit and algae extracts was developed to boost the immune system with a wide range of flavonoids with scientifically proven antioxidant activity and effectiveness. These antioxidants are known around the world for their ability to promote a sense of well-being. Free radicals are neutralized and oxidative stress minimized throughout the entire body. The mixture works synergistically, making it more effective and turning this product into a first-rate super antioxidant.
Contents: 46g = 60 VegeCaps each containing 645mg 4 Seasons Immune.


Astaxanthin is 10 times stronger than vitamin E
Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to protect the body. Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron in their chemical structure. Free radicals particularly like to attack cell walls in their search for this missing electron. Cells have no problem fending off a few of these attacks. However, constant bombardment by free radicals significantly damages the cell membrane. A cell with a damaged membrane cannot function properly. The more cells that stop working properly or even die, the sooner signs of aging and weakness appear.

BIO Acerola with 17% natural vitamin C
This product contains natural acerola cherry fruit powder containing 17% natural vitamin C. An acerola cherry provides 30-times as much vitamin C as a lemon. Acerola cherries, which are native to the tropics, are second only to camu camu when it comes to natural vitamin C content. Unlike ascorbic acid, acerola vitamin C also contains other natural plant substances. These additional antioxidants, otherwise known as phytochemicals, increase the effectiveness of the vitamin C contained in acerola cherries.

Acai is high in polyphenols
Large numbers of acai palm grow throughout the entire Amazon region all the way to the Brazilian coast. Especially during times of extreme mental or physical exertion we run the risk of deficiency because we don't have enough antioxidants in our system. High-quality products like acai can meet these needs. Our acai contains at least 6000 mg polyphenols  (antioxidants) pro 100 g of acai fruit powder extract.

Tocotrienoles provide better protection from free radicals
The only difference between natural tocotrienoles and vitamin E tocopherols are their side chains. While the side chains of vitamin E tocopherols are completely saturated, tocotrienoles have an unsaturated side chain with three double bonds. These unsaturated double bonds mean that tocotrienoles provide considerably more protection than tocopherols. Tocotrienole is more agile so that it can move and twist inside the cell membrane and even penetrate the cell membrane to enter other cells. This is extremely beneficial to the human body because tocotrienole is able to protect the space around different cell membranes.

Antioxidants natural RDI 1 VegeCaps
Acai - 250 mg
Acerola BIO 17% = 40mg Natural Vitamin C
50% Vitamin C 235 mg
Astaxanthin - 1.6 mg
Tocotrienols & Tocopherols 21.6 mg
 - d-Alpha Tocopherols = Natural Vitamin E
66% Vitamin E 5.4
 - d-Alpha Tocotrienol
 - 5.8
 - d-Beta Tocotrienol
 - 0.7
 - d-Gamma Tocotrienol
 -  7.5 mg
 - d-Delta Tocotrienol
 -  2.2 mg

Take 2 capsules ore 2x3 per day with a week immune system. Do not exceed the the recommended dosage.

Natural Acai Euterpe oleracea fruit extract, certified organic Acerola Malpighia emarginata fruit extract with 17% natural vitamin C, natural Astaxanthin Haematococcus pluvialis alga extract, natural Tocotrienols and Tocopherol extract, Cellulose (VegeCaps).

645mg x 60 VegeCaps 4 Seasons Immune.

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