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Coconut Oil Virgin COCO BIO, 400g (460ml)

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Coconut Oil Virgin COCO BIO, 400g (460ml)

Quick Overview

Virgin Coco is a certified organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) from the first cold-pressing with the typical coconut perfume and the delicious coconut flavor. This virgin coconut oil comes from the fresh flesh of the coconut palm fruit (Cocos nucifera) of certified organic cultivation. It’s 100% pure; not hydrogenated, not transesterificated, solvent free pressed. It’s also ideal for skin and hair care. The melting point of Virgin Coco is at approx. 25° C / 77° F. By gentle warming in a water bath, it becomes liquid. It is perfect for eating, baking, cooking and mixing with our organic essential oils. In addition to its nutritive value, BIO COCO is an all-around talent rich in essential nutrients for skin, hair and body care as well as massage.
Contents: 400g is equivalent to 460ml or 0.46 liters


Organic coconut oil, Virgin COCO BIO from the first cold-pressing
• 100% certified organically grown
• 100% fresh pulp
• Cold-pressed without solvents
• Rich in medium-chain triglycerides
• Up to 59% lauric acid
• Perfect for vegans and vegetarians
• Suitable for raw food diets
• Gluten and lactose-free
• No trans fats (TFA)
• No additives
• No genetic engineering
• No dehydration
• No bleaching
• No refinement
• No deodorization

Coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) like lauric acid (C-12) and caprylic acid (C-8).  Lauric acid is used to synthesize monolaurin, an immune system-boosting monoglyceride. MCTs are a source of immediately available energy because they are directly transported to the liver and do not have to first undergo lymphatic circulation.

Christmas time - bake with coconut oil instead of butter
Our natural, organic coconut oil is perfect for baking, cooking and roasting. It is rich in essential minerals and vitamins. Make your cookies even better - add it to your Christmas cookie dough as a healthy butter alternative.

It's easy to lose weight with a coconut diet
It's easy to lose weight with a coconut diet. Adding coconut oil to your diet is an extremely pleasant, tasty way to tackle weight loss. In his book, "Kokosfett" (VAK Verlag), nutritional expert Peter Königs explains that you don't need to go without or follow a strict plan on what he calls the "coconut diet." Instead, you just replace oil and butter with coconut products like coconut oil or coconut cream and add other coconut products, like coconut milk or shredded coconut, to your meal plan. According to Peter Königs, coconut oil has one calorie per gram of fat less than other types of oil like sunflower oil. 

The latest scientific research shows that coconut oil can actually help people lose weight. This is partially thanks to the short and medium-length saturated fatty acids that give coconut oil its special properties. These types of saturated fatty acids can be used directly by the body as energy instead of being stored in adipose tissue (body fat). At the same time, they stimulate the body's fatty acid metabolism and metabolism in general without increasing blood sugar levels. Even if your weight is normal, coconut oil can help prevent you from gaining weight.

Coconut oil for luxurious, silky hair
Very effective, all-natural hair care. Our coconut oil is carefully produced, preserving all of the key, valuable nutrients. Not only does it provide soothing care for your scalp, it also strengthens your hair. Give dry, limp, brittle hair a "rejuvenation cure" by applying coconut oil. Coconut oil will make your hair shiny, strong and silky - you'll feel better about yourself. Thanks to its pure form, our natural Virgin COCO coconut oil is particularly effective for people with a sensitive scalp and helps people with allergies.

Give your hair the gift of this natural regeneration treatment. Massage Virgin COCO softly and luxuriously into damp, clean hair and scalp. Let it stay in your hair for at least an hour or overnight. Protect your pillowcase by wrapping a towel around your head. The next morning, wash your hair with a neutral, mild, alkaline shampoo. You'll notice the difference right away! Not only will your hair be fuller, your scalp will feel refreshed and relaxed.

Coconut oil remains stable even if stored for longer periods of time because its melting point is 24 - 25 degrees Celsius. If stored at below 24 degrees, coconut oil hardens and loses its liquid form. Coconut oil can be used in both its hard or liquid form, making it perfect for cooking and baking.

Store in the refrigerator after opening.

Nutritional value in

1 tablespoon = 14g




Calories from fat




14g = 22%*


Saturated fatty acids

13g = 65%*


Polyunsaturated fatty acids



Monounsaturated fatty acids



Cholesterin/Cholesterol/trans fats












**Percentages based on a daily diet

of 2,000 Calories


Bio Coco

External and internal use
As a foodstuff, as a topical moisturizer for dry skin, a massage oil favorite

100% cold-pressed, virgin ORGANIC coconut oil, with natural typical parfume.


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