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The 7 Basic Rules of EnergyBalance

1. Our customers' health and needs are our foremost priority

Highest bioavailability of our products
To ensure the optimum absorption and effectiveness of our products, EnergyBalance™ uses only raw materials that have the highest bioavailability. Bioavailability means active ingredients in their most highly active form. Naturally without side effects.

3. Absolute quality and raw materials of vegetable origin
All EnergyBalance™-products are suitable for vegetarians and - with a few exceptions - for vegans. EnergyBalance™ avoids raw materials of animal origin.  We use certified organic raw materials of vegetable origin whenever possible. All raw materials are laboratory tested. We use only extracts gained through the most natural means possible, and not by using dangerous chemical solvents. The risk of chemical residues is thereby excluded

4. Hypoallergenic products Made in Switzerland non-GMO
EnergyBalance™ products are not genetically modified and are produced in Switzerland with the utmost care.  We do without fillers as much as possible. If fillers are nevertheless necessary, then we use natural substances that can even enhance the product. That why EnergyBalance™ products, as a general rule, contain only active ingredients, and never anti-caking agents, inert carriers, flavor enhancers, colorings or other fillers. So that hypoallergenic products are available which are tolerable even for those who are sensitive.

5. Safe to use
All EnergyBalance™ brand products are declared in 3 languages: German DE, English EN and Italian IT, so that dosage is simple and the use of our products is safe and easy to understand. Product declarations conform to the legal requirements of Switzerland and the EU. All ingredients are declared; there are no "hidden" or undeclared substances in our products.

6. Quality at a fair price
EnergyBalance™ always offers the customer high-quality products at a fair price. The health of each and every person is paramount. The advantages of naturally intelligent products of vegetable origin and without side effects should be made available to as many people as possible.

7. Social and ecological responsibility
We at EnergyBalance™ are aware of our social responsibilities and support the "Vitamin Angels" Organization. "Vitamin Angels" is committed to reducing infant mortality by improving the availability, access to and use of essential micronutrients, especially vitamin A, for at risk populations all over the world. Essential nutrients help strengthen the immune system to successfully fight off infectious diseases so that children can live healthy and productive lives. We strive to protect the environment through the use of biodegradable fillers made from corn. In addition, we use carbon neutral shipping for all our mailings. The proceeds earned through recycling our used printer toner cartridges are donated to the Red Cross.

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